The Cult of Tarot Cards

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I don’t know if I descontinue this blog.
I’m trying to get some new decks, but, not even a single donate :/

I’ll Only start to post again, if someone gives me a free tarot reading ‘-‘

I’m waiting ._.

O Louco (The Fool) - Victoria Regina Tarot
A Torre (The Tower) - Novelty and Fantasy Tarot
O Eremita (The Hermit) - Novelty and Fantasy Tarot
A Temperança (The Temperance) - Paulina Tarot
O Heremita (The Hermit) - Paulina Tarot
A Grande Sacerdotisa (The High Priestress) - Wheel of Change Tarot
Três de Espadas (Three of Swords) - Sphinx tarot
A Roda da Fortuna (The Wheel of Fortune) - Sphinx tarot
O Hierofante (The Hierophant) - Afro-Brazilian tarot
A Imperatriz (The Hight Priestress) - Afro-Brazilian Tarot
A Roda da Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) - Grey Goose Art Tarot
O Eremita (The Hermit) - Sharman Caselli Tarot

Tarot never fails!

Some few days ago I’ve just have some kind of bad news.

Ok. Lets read some spread on tarot.

The cards just tell me that everything would be ok, in someway, somehow, at anytime, soon.

And, I was so dark, and so sad, and frozen on my pessimist, that I read, but didn’t listened to the message.

And today, I just reciev good news: that bad thing was reversed, and turned into something good and gorgeous! Just returned to what was ont he beggining.

Tarot tried to tell me, but I couldn’t listen to.

I’ve learned this lesson.

ALWAYS listen to tarot. With your heart, when your mind become blind.